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Ez-TAP - Truck Access Point

Solutions designed to enable J1939 and J1708 / J1587 heavy duty vehicle communications with an RP1210a compatible interface. 

Available in many forms to suit many needs:
- XscapeEz exclusive wireless cube
- RS-232 wired module
- Integrateable circuit boards with a TTL serial interface
- LQFP 64 Pin chipset and full hardware schematics for design into your own product
- IP licensing allowing code level integration into your microprocessor


Ez-Comm - Integrateable network protocol stacks for vehicle and industrial communication systems

Executable libraries and source code are available for several different protocols running on a variety of microprocessors from NECÒ, PhilipsÒ, ZilogÒ and more.  Call with your requirements and an engineer will find a solution that best fits your needs.


Ez-VIS - Vehicle Instrumentation System

Modular J1939 and J1708 / J1587 vehicle network gateway combined with flexible analog sensor inputs and user controlled digital outputs.  Allows many vehicle and industrial systems to be quickly and cost effectively instrumented and monitored .

Ez-Launch - Software configuration and launch station

Take the confusion and difficulty out of configuring and launching a wide assortment of software including RP1210 diagnostic software.  Automatically configure the device, device parameters, version of software, and version of RP1210 driver to use for that OEM application and vehicle.

Ez-TRAC - Fleet Monitoring and Telematics Software

XscapeEz own software designed to work with Ez-TAP Truck Access Points to quickly and cost-effectively show when and where every vehicle arrives as well as status information associated with the health and operation of the vehicle.  Powerful and easy to use for technicians, shop managers, and


XscapeEz Also offers custom solutions based on our proven technology to reduce cost and time to market. 
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