Electrical and Computer Engineering Links

Discrete Component Manufacturers
AVX -resistors, circuit protection, and more
ECS Crystals -all types of timing crystals
Elna -miniature capacitors
Kemet -Capacitors
Illinois Capacitor -capacitors
Metuchen -Capacitors
Mtron Crystals -all types of timing crystals, surface mount, 4 pin
OnSemi-Large electronic component supplier
Vishay -capacitors, crystals, resistors, sensors, inductors, and more

General Function IC Manufacturers

Analog Devices-Extensive Analog IC designs. Signal Processing
Texas Instruments / Burr Brown-Power Op Amps, Timing, DSP, Interface
Maxim / Dallas-Op Amps, Thermal Management, Micro Supervisors, RTC
OnSemi-Op Amps, Logic, Power Management, Data Management

RAM / Flash / EEPROM Manufacturers

Atmel- Flash, EEprom, Combination IC's
Toshiba Memory Products-RAM, Flash, EEprom, Combination IC's

Component suppliers

Arrow-Large electronic component supplier
Avnet -Large electronic component supplier
DigiKey -Large electronic supplier for all needs including cases, development tools, etc
Newark Electronics -Large electronic supplier for all needs

Component and Services Representatives

Mohrfield Marketing -Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia , Kentucky
Pioneer Standard-Large electronic component supplier

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems -seminars, info, good starting point
Microsoft Embedded Community-Microsoft embedded OS platforms
Philips Semiconductor
Windriver-Makers of the VxWorks operating system

Microprocessor Manufacturers

Advanced Micro Devices-fast powerful processors
Hitachi -general processors, in vehicle, embedded systems
Intel - faster, more powerful processors
Microchip - embedded proessors, good tools, reliable
Motorola - hc05, hc11, power pc, automotive, all types,etc-
National Semiconductor -microcontrollers
NEC - K series microcontrollers
Philips Semiconductor-general processors, in vehicle, CAN, J1939
ST Micro - STx series
Toshiba - microcontrol
Zilog -Venerable Z80, new variants, reliable and proven

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