Inexpensive and easy to use heavy duty vehicle diagnostic software to give you
  the information you need to keep your trucks up and running.   No more expensive
  annual subscriptions, no complicated setup, no internet connection required ...........
  none of the hassles you may be facing with your current diagnostic software. Ez-Scan
  fills the gap between expensive OEM software that does everything possible by giving
  you only the essential information to service your fleet without all of the expensive
  features that you don't need every day.

Using the software is easy - Here's How it Works

Step 1: Start the software - You will see the connecting screen appear like the image below. If you are using an Ez-TAP from XscapeEz, the software will automatically connect to the vehicle. If you are using any other RP1210 adapter, a box will appear asking you to choose your device from a list as shown in the second picture.

Step 2: Select your hardware adapter from the list. You will only be asked to select this the first time you run the software.

Step 3: The software now attempts to automatically read the vehicle ECMs and Vehicle Identification Information -

Step 4: The software automatically displays the connection status, number of faults and the options menu. Now the technician can navigate just like a hand held tool using the arrows and buttons on the control pad. The user can also click on the menu entries in the screen are of the tool to select an option.

Step 5: Click on the 'Faults' entry in the menu to see all faults on the vehicle and detailed information about the cause and the number of times this fault has occurred. The technician can scroll up and down through all of the faults on the vehicle:

Step 6: Click on the 'Clear Faults' entry in the menu you can clear all faults on the vehicle and see if they come back:

Step 7: Clicking on the 'View Component Info' and the software automatically displays all components or ECMs connected to the vehicle. The technician can use this information to understand if all ECMs are funtioning or not: The technician can now scroll thorugh each ECMs information using the up and down arrow keys.

That's It - Simple and Useful - You get all of the data that you need and none of the complication you don't want.

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