Think Vehicle Tracking and Status Monitoring is too expensive or complicated....

Think Again.... Introducing Ez-TRAC from XscapeEz. 

What is Ez-TRAC?
Ez-TRAC is a stand alone vehicle monitoring application that gives your logistics and maintenance personnel fleet wide visibility at all locations that are already internet enabled.  Ez-TRAC works with XscapeEz Ez-TAP Truck Access Point to gather and report critical information about your vehicles.  No matter if you have one truck and one facility or thousands.  Ez-TRAC can quickly and cost effectively solve many of your maintenance and logistics problems with no additional training or time from your drivers.  Ez-TRAC works with XscapeEz Ez-TAP Truck Access Point to open your eyes to your fleets.  See when every vehicle arrives at any of your facilities in real time with automatic reporting and data transmission.

What does Ez-TRAC display by default?
- Every vehicle arrival accompanied with the date, time, and status
-  Two user-defined names that allow the user to uniquely identify each vehicle...these can be used for almost any identifier including bumper number, VIN#, DL#, DOT#
-  SAE Fault indicator showing if the vehicle has any active fault codes that need to be investigated
-  User Trigger indicator showing if any user defined faults or events have occurred since the vehicle last came home
-  Whether the vehicle on the screen is local or has been reported over the internet from a remote location

What other features does  Ez-TRAC give me that aren't on the main screen?
- All data, including faults, triggers, and data parameters can be written to a local file or sent over the internet
-  Transmit proprietary request messages to access OEM specific data that is not publicly available from the SAE standards 
-  Fault Window showing the actual fault codes being returned from the vehicle 
-  Trigger window showing the user triggers that have been activated as well as extended information about the trigger condition
-  Recorded and Reported faults indicating both historically recorded faults and currently active faults
-  The same application can be setup as a data server collecting, displaying, and storing this information from multiple sites around the world

With the flexibility of Ez-TAP and the power of Ez-TRAC users can control what data is collected and how it is handled as shown below:

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Ez-TRAC Manual - Users guide and detailed product information



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