Inexpensive and easy to use heavy duty vehicle diagnostic software to give you
  the information you need to keep your trucks up and running.   No more expensive
  annual subscriptions, no complicated setup, no internet connection required ...........
  none of the hassles you may be facing with your current diagnostic software. Ez-Scan
  fills the gap between expensive OEM software that does everything possible by giving
  you only the essential information to service your fleet without all of the expensive
  features that you don't need every day.

Download Ez-SCAN NOW
This download will allow you to run the basic features and evaluate the software free of charge. Some advanced features will be disabled such as printing and saving the information to a file. If you choose to purchase the full version, all you have to do is click the BuyNow button below and you will be emailed a registration key that you enter into the evaluation software to unlock full access to the software.

Buy Registration Key Now
Clicking the Buy Now button will allow you to purchase a registration key to unlock the software using a major credit card or PayPal account. Once you complete the purchase, a registration code will be emailed to you to unlock the software. You can download the software installation using the 'Download' button above.  

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